On this page, 6 posters are shown: The two first show three controlled randomized studies (RCTs), the two following concern the STAYAC flowchart and an outcome study and last, two posters covering pragmatism (central in the STAYAC method, and essential for the unique treatment results), in the context, relevant evidence-based medicine and a proposed model for a modernized methodology with respect to literature reviews. At the end, a reference list is found, "topped" by a book chapter written by Dr. Blomberg (Oxford University Press) for an in-depth understanding of the STAYAC method, its scientific support, the flowchart etc.

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All posters are under copyright protection. Consequently, it is prohibited to download or to print them. The posters are available for purchase at STAYAC in different sizes and paper qualities. Plasticized copies are also available.

The STAYAC Algorithm The Scientific Basis — Three RCTs The STAYAC Algorithm The Reproducibility Study The STAYAC Health Care Flowchart and Key Issues of the Stayac Algorithm The STAYAC 2001 Outcome Study Preliminary Results Pragmatism, Evidence-based Medicine, Clinical Trials and Literature Reviews A Modernized Pragmatic Methodology of Critical Assessment of RCTs The STAYAC Algorithm Scientific Basis; References
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