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About Stockholm Clinic

Stockholm Clinic — Stay Active is a pain clinic with a team of physicians, physical therapists and psychologists in close cooperation applying the evidence-based "STAYAC" concept.

Founder and medical director is Dr. Stefan Blomberg, M.D., Ph.D., specialist in pain medicine, musculoskoletal medicine and general medicine with advanced degrees in manual medicine for physicians and manual therapy for physical therapists. Dr. Blomberg graduated at The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm 1978. Stefan Blomberg and the research of STAYAC is associated to Uppsala University, Sweden, where he did his dissertation in 1993 (Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Section of Family Medicine). Dr Blomberg has defined the concepts of "Antidysfunctional Medicine", "Antidysfunctional Investigation" and "Antidysfunctional Treatment".

The STAYAC method incorporates i.e. manipulation and specific mobilization of the spinal column and muscle stretching. The combination of manual therapy and specific injections is of particular importance. Partly according to a new approach, psychoexistential and social aspects are taken into consideration. Thanks to a uniquely extensive treatment arsenal, STAYAC has most likely come further than comparable units in the process of "uniting all reasonable forces against pain". Read more about The STAYAC Method.

We offer effective pain care for everybody.

Please note that we recommend our patients to have a look at the homepage before visiting us.

Stefan Blomberg was the physician of the successful Hidden Peak expedition in 1997. Read more about The Expedition.

Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine


For an in-depth understanding of the STAYAC Method, please read: Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Part 4, Capter 4.4, pages 499-540; Stefan Blomberg: ”A Pragmatic Management Strategy for Low-back Pain — An Integrated Multimodal Programme Based on Antidysfunctional Medicine". Editors: Hutson & Ellis, ISBN-10: 0-19-263050-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-263050-6, (October 2005), Oxford University Press, University of Oxford.

The book offers a helpful over-view of the subject — 32 authors, from Europe, USA, Australia and Canada, have written a total of 48 chapters. One of the starting-points of the editors has been to shed light on some different schools of thought, and several contributors are well known within "the back-pain world" (Examples: Vert Mooney, Chris J. Main, Jennifer Klaber Moffett, Vladimír Janda, David Butler and C. Chan Gun).

Stockholm Clinic — Stay Active
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